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My Bio

I'm so glad to discover this whole community of HM fans, I used to think I was a freak for falling in love with an amusement park attraction, but if others could only appreciate ALL of the details that went into that one project they'd all learn to love it as well.

My Occupation

freelance art and design

My Hobbies

I love to make things (repro/original props) that dont already exhist, mostly because until recent years no one really put much quality into mass produced items or props. I make Halloween costumes for others this time of year, and occasionally host great Halloween parties. Primarily in stark contrast to my ghoulish alter ego, my other obsession is with I Dream of Jeannie, I reproduce the bottles, to sell, and I even worked with Barbara Eden for a Jeannie themed AT&T commercial. I can faithfully reproduce just about any favorite tv/movie item upon request given proper time and resources.

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